Michael Brachman
Hard Science Fiction Action and Adventure
(with a hint of humor)

The Rome's Revolution Series - A Trilogy About the Far Future - It's a love story and a culture clash
Rome’s Revolution is an interstellar saga about a man from the 21st century and a woman from the 35th century who fight forces from the incomprehensibly large to the infinitesimally small, all intent on destroying mankind.

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In this fast-paced sequel to the novel Rome's Revolution, Rei, Rome and MINIMCOM, the 35th century starship that was once a computer, find themselves under attack from all quarters. They must stop the Ark Lords from rising again.

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In this riveting conclusion to the series, Rei, Rome and their faithful starship MINIMCOM embark on a dizzying quest to find out who wants them dead. The plot stretches all the way to Earth with their son caught directly in the cross-hairs.

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Rome's Evolution

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Come look behind the curtain at the fascinating 35th century world of Rome’s Revolution. Tales of the Vuduri: Year One offers you 366 entries containing backstories, scientific tidbits, unrevealed secrets and more. Often amusing but always thought-provoking, detailed insights into this brave new world await your arrival.

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An ordinary man, currently "between wives" stumbles upon an audition for a new reality show. Join our intrepid contestant, Lee Linsky, and see if one of the women that he loved in the past is the woman of his future!

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A comprehensive guide to utilizing the FoxPro 2.5 API to gain unheralded access to Windows resources and tremendous computational efficiency under selected circumstances. Complete with examples and source code.

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A comprehensive guide to creating applications in FoxPro 2.5. This is the ultimate professional programmer's guide to FoxPro 2.5 and includes a CD-ROM with complete, working examples of elements demonstrated in the book.

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